Around ten years subsequent to her first exhibitions, the revelation of what is not openly visible, but certainly palpable, desirable and dreamable emerges as the quantum continuum in the art of Saskia Niehaus (1968, Essen/Germany). The drawings have increased in size, sometimes to a large format. The pencil-stroke approximates a trace of movement no longer “merely” extending from the wrist, but rather from the entire body. Compositionally the artist seeks condensation, with respect to both the portrait and above all, to individual events. And, an individual language of color increasingly evolves as something specific to her works: often red is employed where the eye is meant to devote particular attention. And this “rating emphasis” also applies to those works which assume a distance from the surface of the page presenting the subject. Equally, this applies to her works of handmade paper pulp that bulge slightly from the surface of the wall, and thus tend towards relief. © Raimund Stecker