Ibrahim Miranda (1969, Pinar del Rio/Cuba) is one of the most in-demand Cuban artists working today. When Ibrahim Miranda graduated from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA) in 1993, his works had already been shown in such important exhibitions as Kuba O.K. in Germany, Nacido en Cuba in Venezuela and Mexico, and the Fourth Havana Biennial—all of which were opportunities for reflection and for the emergence new directions in Cuban art.
His personal creative vision has been classified as neo-expressionist. Unlike the German artists of Die Brücke, whose main interest was to reflect the objective world through the prism of subjectivity, in Miranda all images of the exterior world have been radically suppressed. His art has become an instrument for a kind of Freudian self-analysis, a stage for the clash between symbols and dark forces brought to the fore in dreams and nightmares.