Erik Sille's (1970, Roznava/ Slovakia) canvases bring an inflow of contemporary visuality with all attributes of current visual language. They constitute penetrative signboards of the consumerist society. A little amusing, and a little “blue-noise” dance on the theme of fake plastic paradise. Everything blooms in red in these neon gardens: blood, wine, fires or homemade nuclear explosions. Comic books, animations, advertising logos and animals, computer games, web design and “zoom of consume” are all spilled out on the canvases. All is compressed into one pictorial space of explosive cocktail of custard chroma. There is something sweet and childishly cute in this world: shopping bags with bomber aircrafts, toys with cakes and little bombs in a burning house. In this world, there is something corrupt and murderous: supermarket glo-balcan fuckers, sharp-teethed old scratch and other ammonites drinking oil from river with a straw (in the blood for oil programme). Clean surfaces of the rational constructions of this world are often broken down by chaotic stains, flaming tongues of paint and expressive paint “pollutions”. This all is taking place in the golden cage of painting – a picture of fascination and satiety, pleasure and alienation.