Henrik Schrat (1968, Greiz/Germany) studied painting and stage design in Dresden before he completed an MA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Recently he wrote a Doctorate at the Business School of the University of Essex on the theme of the comic and its potential as visual display of organisations. Schrat’s work has focused on site-specific narrative murals and drawing work with the comic as multi-use format. His fairytale-like scenes have titles that refer directly to events in the economy - a connection which in the case of Schrat is much more than just a superficial game with terminology. For a while now, he has been building objects made of wood, which heighten the narrative effect of his silhouettes and give them a stage-like quality. The shadows hide behind their surface not so much shocking moments, but rather a remarkably light-footed art of narration, characterised by ambiguity and cryptic humour.
Henrik Schrat has exhibited extensively in Germany and abroad. He lives and works in Berlin.