Isa Dahl paints in a very concentrated way, with wide sweeping gestures that measure the dimensions of the image. The image develops during the painting process itself: an alternation of artistic activity and waiting for the right moment until things can progress once more. Using oil on canvas, she creates series of paintings that have an extraordinary effect. With her transparent wet-on-wet painting style, the colours are applied in layers to form wave-like or circular shapes. This creates the impression of depth within the colour and, consequently, gives her work its striking expression.
Isa Dahl possesses an inspirational directness in her handling of material and form, and it is this that enables her to produce paintings of such emotional quality. Balance in terms of rhythm, balance between the shape of the surface and a woven web of lines, the tense alternation between sharp outlines and un-sharp elements– all these characteristics form the basis of what it is that makes Isa Dahl’s artwork so fascinating. - Dr. Sabine Heilig

"I don’t do anything except paint. And when I am not painting, I am thinking about painting." (Isa Dahl 2012)

Isa Dahl (1965, Ravensburg/Germany) studied at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design under professors Peter Grau and Erich Mansen before transferred to the Düsseldorf Art Academy to become a masterscholar under Prof. Dieter Krieg. Her work has been showed all across Europe, including Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, and Museum Wiesbaden.


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