Udo Hohenberger (1967, Spittal an der Drau/Austria) not outlined, but decidedly manifested over and over again. The view of the recipient can be in the planes of the already vanished to lose as well as he powerfully able to capture the re-defined. The movement is not generated solely by the melodic dynamics of the stroke but also by the alternation with the painting. It always sinks the whole form, but is still guessed and recognized by the veil through. The Manifested in the body is denser, tank, heavy, passes only slowly be sinking can therefore be traced. The foregoing is even more ominous because if the Current appears. Everything happens at the same time.
The gripping graphic lines draw our gaze on the work, they form conglomerates form and provide in the infinite space of the color for the balance between manifest and transcendent. The voltage is in the dance between these two principles, and this dance is dynamic movement, and this is the life that is always flowing ... or consciousness in motion, or even: creation.
Excerpt from an essay by Dr. Waltraud Schwarzhappel, Kunsthist., Abadiania, Brazil, April 2012


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