Florian Pelka - Landnahme

Florian Pelka (1971, Berlin/Germany) has graduated from the Universität der Künste Berlin as a master student of Georg Baselitz. In his painting, immediately clear, figurative elements merge with diffuse abstract parts. These elements veil space and perspective, regulate the modulation of light, construct connections or even lop alleged contextual references that seem to communicate with each other. From these develop staggered, roaming, layered and sprawling areas representing steam, clouds, earth and water and that simultaneously and urgently connote a game with the fascinating coloristic opportunities that open during the painting process. Ornamental inserts in the form of arabesques, segments from circles and curves -which could take the form of a banister or barricade- occasionally intervene into the composition. These geometric, decorative forms creep into implied definitions of a clear space and add dynamism to the areas they run through - similar to what we know from Renaissance ornamentalism- then delineate boundaries and capture a complex system of surfaces. They also assign a position to the viewer, who is excluded by such barriers, and his expectations of meaning. Here, their exact arrangement and bright, even too bright colors stand in contrast to their primarily flowing structure. Bands of color portraying inexplicable material properties - are they metallic or soft as silk? - play their game with virtual spatial composition and viewer illusion; tumescently flowing into the image's fore- and background with enigmatic, mysterious clarity of purpose. © Dr. Jürgen Schilling


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Cesar Biojo (1981, Cali/Colombia) holds a degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Barcelona. His latest works are oil portraits created from pictorial resources such as deconstruction, which recovers in some cases post-impressionist styles, resulting in a personal language that makes his art project one of the most interesting in the contemporary scene. Taking as starting point the quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "The gaze of the other makes us aware of ourselves", his work becomes a study of human beings, their conflicts, their nature and existence. Using the facilities offered by the portrait, the work of Cesar Biojo explores the hidden emotions that lie behind the eyes, making us participants in the work as being equally observed by the sitter. His work has taken part in a number of national and international exhibitions. He lives and works in Barcelona/Spain and Philadelphia/USA.

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