The series of paintings is based on multi-layered manipulation of images of various origin. Even though it is possible to recognize human figures or landscapes in the paintings, it is not essential. Be it an aquarelle, a photograph of a shop window or an accidental spot of colour, each image source is examined and scrutinized equally. The manipulation, or rather gradual generating of an image occurs when it passes from analogue to digital. Generating an image is now a balancing act between two approaches of imaging: the uncontrollable, gradual destruction of a physical image due to the processual properties of its material (ink, paper) or the not so predictable technique of inkjet monoprints on one hand, and the work performed in CMYK and RGB colour spaces of the meticulous image editing programs on the other. One might say that each painting’s DNA has thus been mapped individually. The DNA of primeval life forms, often preserved in amber, freely associates with the name of the series, Amber Fields.

The paintings of Michal Czinege (1980, Bratislava/Slovakia) are a somewhat unusual analysis of visual perception. At the beginning of a painting, he photographs interesting segments of reality, the camera representing an extension of his vision and mind. Then comes the analytical phase. Using a computer, he transforms, re-forms, de-forms and informs the individual shots until eventually arriving at configurations of things and figures interesting enough to show them in a new light. This preparatory process is followed by the actual act of painting. No, not a mere mechanical transformation of the computer product onto the canvas. It is a creative process. Basically, the analytical experimenting on the computer produces an initial sketch, forming the basis of the complete picture.
Michal Czinege has graduated as Master of Arts in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava under Prof. Ivan Csudai. His work has been shown in many exhibitions across Europe. He lives and works in Bratislava/Slovakia. © Peter Michalovic


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