As ironic as it may seem, I recently found out that while the main theme in my work is the study of human nature, my main characters are not humans, but instead time and failure. The accident is an aspect that has always been present in my artwork ever since a teacher advised me to allow myself to play and to fail. Bit by bit, I am becoming less afraid of the unpredictable splatter, or the “destructive” spatula and its leftovers, immersing myself deeper into the profound exploration of the excruciating, yet exhilarating nature of the accident. The failure of modernity and the post war era widen the artistic, and exploratory path of failure itself. It comes as no surprise that an artistic expedition launched into both dissatisfaction and error as means to understand our place in the world. But I do not deem this as negative; in fact, I find it extremely productive. Failure is the only way to stumble with the unexpected giving room to experimentation and progress. Failure does not teach what to do, but it successfully teaches how not to do, which happens to be essential for creativity. If every person in history had successfully repeated what was deem as successful at the time, we would still be painting animals in caves. Failure is inexorably endemic to the creative act. An artist must harness failure and enjoy the process of not knowing how to arrive to the objective, some times even ignoring that final destination. In Samuel Beckett’s words “To be an artist is to fail as no other has dared to fail before… Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” [Restlessly.] This is the mantra that goes through my mind every time I face a blank canvas. Sisyphus was not condemned to fail; he was condemned to never fail better. And here is the beauty of a restless repetition without knowing its ultimate purpose, much like Sisyphus. Much like art. Much like me. Much like humanity.

Cesar Biojo (1981, Cali/Colombia) holds a degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Barcelona. His latest works are oil portraits created from pictorial resources such as deconstruction, which recovers in some cases post-impressionist styles, resulting in a personal language that makes his art project one of the most interesting in the contemporary scene. Taking as starting point the quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "The gaze of the other makes us aware of ourselves", his work becomes a study of human beings, their conflicts, their nature and existence. Using the facilities offered by the portrait, the work of Cesar Biojo explores the hidden emotions that lie behind the eyes, making us participants in the work as being equally observed by the sitter. This way the time value is introduced, which demonstrates concepts inherent in the human being such as creation and destruction, the perishable and ephemeral. His work has taken part in a number of national and international exhibitions. He lives and works in Barcelona/Spain and Philadelphia/USA.


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