Faces. Masks, hidden behind systems, attached to machines, throwbacks of ancestral genetics. Exaggerated human and animal body parts inspire and dominate my visceral and powerful works. Faces and facial expressions hold a particular fascination. I use fragmentary body images as vehicles for the exploration of sexuality, violence and the wider human condition. Equally importantly, there remain questions of what lies behind these faces. What is revealed and what stays out of sight? Perhaps the covered face stifling a distorted scream is hiding a secret orgasm? And, in the case of self- portraits, what, one may ask, does one see when one faces oneself?

Human layers, the hidden corners of the personality, experiments to find ourselves behind our passions – these are the themes explored in Agnes Verebics’ (1982, Enying/Hungary) work. The forms of the shocking, powerful works vary. However, instead of the cute and charming little images we meet puffed expressions and frightened looks. Agnes Verebics was born in Enying, graduated in 2006 at MKE painter faculty. She is one of the most outstanding talents of the Hungarian contemporary scene, whose works – in spite of her young age – have been shown in several galleries, including Kogart, the Essl Award Exhibition and Várfok Gallery. Her works have also been selected into the Torn Curtain exhibition connected to Art Basel Miami, which has become the biggest , most important contemporary art fair worldwide.


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