Boris Sirka (1981, Snina/Slovakia) is the most easily recognizable artist among young Slovak painters. His choice of genre and the options he keeps discovering and moving to new levels are the characteristic features of his artwork. In his works, he repeatedly processes “dark” topics inspired by literature or film, as well as by the urban legends of various places and cultures. He offers his interpretations of these for viewing in a highly aesthetic form, thus blurring the difference between the currently sagging levels of creativity around us and so-called “high art”. Like some other painters, he works in bounded and closed cycles. Any change in the program of Sirka’s work means a strict transfer from one phase to another, a sudden change in expression, new notions, and a new thematic field. The new Sirka paintings were created on three months artist residency in Tokyo.

"My stay at Youkobo Art Space was really creative and full of inspiration. I made short video diaries, performed with different Japanese musicians, and worked with Sumi-e technique known as japanese black ink on paper. Maybe there is some kind of spirit of creation in this space after so many artists worked here. Before I arrived, I had an idea to continue on previous works, but it was impossible to do something without being influenced by surroundings. I saw beautiful places in Nikko, waterfalls, shrines and temples in contrast to contemporary urbanism, bustling streets, forms and colours, and a whole lot more. Anyway, I found Japan very contemplative, and it helped me to focus not only on my work but also my inner self."


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